Paying Attention-Adama’s Story

November 2022

Adama grew up in a strict Muslim household, led by a very strong father. They observed all the Muslim traditions. He lost his father in 2012, so he, his mom, and his siblings moved into his uncle’s home, also in a Muslim community. He was sure he was on the right path to heaven. Young Life came into his community in 2019. The leader, Nyei, did a great job teaching campaigner kids to invite their friends to club. Adama was invited by a dear friend and took a chance. That very day, Adama started a relationship with Jesus. He was so excited he brought his school friends to club. He got close to Nyei and began paying attention to what it would mean to be a Young Life leader.

As he grew in his faith, he asked for a Bible. This cost him a great deal. His uncle found him reading it and punished him. He beat Adama, cursed him, and withheld food. Adama, headstrong, continued to honor his uncle by working hard in the fields and at home. In 2020, his uncle refused to pay Adama’s school fees, saying, “Go see the Christians and ask them to pay your fees because they are your parents.” And they did. Adama graduated with distinction. Moreover, his faith inspired his whole family, and now his uncle, as well as his mother, brother, and sisters, are all followers of Christ. Adama is a volunteer leader and just completed his first year at a university. God sees Adama and has blessed his whole family.

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