Love and Joy-Claude’s Story-Burundi

September 2023

Claude grew up in a small wooden home while his parents worked the fields of their neighbors, paid only with a small basket of sweet potatoes or flour. Like every kid, he tried to make friends, but it never seemed to work. One day he heard laughter from down the road. When Claude went out to see what was going on, he found that the commotion was a group of kids playing games and singing songs at Young Life Club.

He was nervous, but he joined the crowd and met a girl who began dancing with him. She introduced Claude to the crowd and he was welcomed with hugs. This warm embrace is the first time he remembers feeling love and joy. A leader got up to speak. Claude repeatedly heard in his head the words, “Jesus loves you. His eyes are focused on you.” Claude asked a Young Life leader where he could find this Jesus and his leader shared the truth of Jesus’ love for Claude. Claude asked Jesus to be his Savior. “I love Young Life and I am what I am because of it. My brothers and sisters in Christ help me every day. Glory to God.”

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