Outreach Camps in Cote D’Ivoire

Abidjan Area Campaigners Camp

“From this camp we received testimony one from the young female leaders who gave the camp talk. Her name is Lauren. She started Young Life with Sylvia Table as a campaigner kid and after several trainings she started to work as volunteer leader at the Gonzagville high school club. When recruiting kids to come to camp, it is common that the parents are skeptical at first. Before this camp, some of the parents were not too excited about their kids going to Young Life but once their kids attended they were in shock by how different their kids were after. They were so thankful for Young Life when they saw their kids’ lives change and their scores at school get better. Therefore, the parents wanted to meet their kids’ leader, Sylvia to hear more about Young Life. Then more and more parents started letting their kids attend club after meeting Sylvia. The Lord did many things. A few months later after school exams we found out that Sylvia’s entire campaigner group, who regularly has ministry meetings and study together to prepare for their exams, all succeeded in their baccalaureate exam. Now, as Lauren shared her testimony she started crying because she is now more responsible in her life thanks to Jesus through Young Life ministry.  She is grateful to Sylvia and the entire Young Life ministry who helped her transform her entire life. She is able to study the Bible, give talks at club and camp.”

Guiglo Outreach camp

“This is the story of a 17-year-old Muslim girl named Miriam. She started to attend Young Life club in Gonzagville. While at camp she heard a voice say, ‘I am the good shaper,’ but she did not understand what that meant. During the camp message, the speaker was talking about John 10:11-12. She heard about how Jesus paid His life for us and why Jesus wants her to follow Him. She learned that He is a living God and that He speaks to His children! She cried and decided to give her life to Christ. She went home with her leaders prayers and guidance. We praise God for this transformation.”

Abidjan CNRA Camp

“I come from a modest family. I have never known my father. My mother raised me on meager means. Because of my poor home life, I resorted to life on the streets; namely stealing. I would catch people on the streets and take from them. One day, I decided to follow my friend who kept inviting me to Young Life club at my school. I found another family that did not judge me but loved me as I am. Especially my English teacher Miss Flean, who was also involved with Young Life, and who became my second mother. I decided to never miss a club. Young Life helped me understand the meaning of life. At this camp I understood that God had a plan for my life and for my personal growth and fulfillment in Jesus. I then decided to be baptized and join the team of Young Life leaders to help other young people.” – Franck

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