Outreach Camp

July 2017

An amazing 400 kids from the Kadutu neighborhood attended this camp. This included seven kids from Muslim backgrounds, three kids with disabilities, fourteen orphans and six teen moms. Here are three stories of kids whose lives were transformed by the gospel while at this camp.

Solange is a young woman from Bukavu who grew up incredibly poor. Her parents were unable to pay for her studies, her clothes or even her food. At age 15, in order to provide for herself and to continue her schooling, Solange became a prostitute. But one day she met Kelly, a Young Life leader in her community who taught her that in prostitution, Solange is hurting her body and her soul. Kelly shared the gospel with her and told her that there is hope for everybody in Jesus. At camp, Solange accepted Jesus into her life, and discovered that “Jesus is the best and truest friend,” and she is still saying yes to Jesus.

Mitchell was born into a family of 13 children. Both his father and his mother were jobless for a very long time, and he too grew up in immense poverty. When his dad finally got a job, he decided to take two more wives and the family became even more impoverished. None of the children go to school, and they often go without food. Mitchell and his entire family felt incredibly hopeless. But then, Mitchell went to Young Life camp. Here, he was touched by the message of God’s great love for us, and it gave him hope. He forgave his father, gave his life to Jesus and is returning to home to share this hope with his family.

Juste is 18-years-old and lives in Bukavu. He is an orphan who does not know his mother or his father, but he’s been told that his mother abandoned him when he was just a year old. Juste grew up feeling rejected by his family, and hating his mother and father because of it. When he was invited to Young Life camp, Juste experienced real love and community for the first time. After hearing the powerful message of the gospel, Juste even forgave his biological parents. At Young Life camp, Juste learned that Jesus is the most faithful friend, worthy of praise because His love is greater than anything we can ever experience on earth. Jesus will never reject or abandon Juste.

Three hundred and ninety four kids gave their lives to Christ at this camp! It is amazing to watch the Lord transform lives in the DRC – to give kids friendship, hope and provide for them through Young Life.

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