Soccer Camp

April 2017

It’s amazing how God can use a simple game of soccer to transform lives and draw kids to Himself. Three hundred and forty kids attended this soccer camp in Goma, DRC and 331 commitments were made to Christ! Here are three of these incredible stories of transformation.

Tina was one of 20 orphans at this camp. Both of her parents died when she was a young girl, and she was left caring for her little brothers and sisters. In order to provide for their basic needs, Tina was forced to sell her body. This is a common occupation for women in the DRC who live in communities desensitized to the most heinous forms of violence and abuse from over 25 years of war. It is one of the hardest, most brutal places to be a woman. One night at camp, Tina stayed up long after the rest of the camp had fallen asleep and reflected on the sin in her life. After hearing the messages at camp, Tina found hope in Jesus Christ. She gave her life to Him, leaving her former lifestyle behind, and committed herself to serving him.

Arthur is one of three kids with disabilities who bravely attended this soccer camp. When Arthur was born, the doctor delivering him made a mistake that led to a rupture in his arm, creating permanent damage and an inability for the arm to develop normally. For a long time, Arthur resented his doctor and his own body. But at camp, Arthur was struck by the message of creation. He understood that God created him and loved him – his body included – because God’s creation is good. Arthur forgave the doctor and devoted his life to Christ, finding hope in His perfect love.

Before camp, Loic had never heard anything like the gospel before. He comes from a family that practices sorcery, and knew absolutely nothing about Jesus. This made the gospel message of sin a very compelling one for Loic to consider. After reflecting on sin in his own life, Loic turned away from the practice of sorcery, as well as his idolization of soccer and sexual promiscuity in order to pursue the true life found only in Jesus.

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