Having Everything They Need-DRC

September 2023

During this year’s 2023 HOT, Papy learned the importance of special ministries in Young Life. He learned that our ministry to teens should include every type of teenager. After Papy returned home, he decided to start a Capernaum club for teenagers with special needs in Bukavu, where he is the area director.

Papy learned from his peers the importance of creating a club that is accessible and accommodating for teenagers with special needs. As they are in the process of starting their Capernaum club soon, an important part of their process has been listening to the teenagers themselves so that they can have everything they need. They have been meeting with a group of 27 teenagers who they have been praying for, to know how to make the club accessible to them, especially those using crutches and wheelchairs. Much like the friends of the paralyzed man in Mark 2, leaders in Bukavu are willing to do whatever it takes for teenagers to meet Christ.

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