Campaigners Camp

Campaigners camps provide a special place for kids who have already accepted Christ into their lives to grow in their faith. Camp creates a place set apart from their daily routines, temptations and struggles and allows them to focus on the Word, prayer and discipleship. They experience quality time with their leaders and peers, ask questions about their faith and receive a gospel message. And, in typical Young Life fashion, they play games and sing songs and eat delicious meals. A total of 180 kids attended this camp, one of them being a young man named Fitz. Before meeting Christ at a Young Life camp earlier this year, he was addicted to alcohol just like his father. But after attending Young Life and camp, he devoted his life to Jesus and spent many hours with his leader growing in his faith. Fitz said he “really wanted to know Jesus.” This campaigners camp allowed Fitz, and the many others that joined him, to continue challenging his faith and learning to trust the Lord more.

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