Ojullu’s story-Ethiopia

Ojullu lives in Gambela, Ethiopia, a tough region where leaders often use sports activities with teenagers to share the love of Jesus. Before joining Young Life, Ojullu was hopeless, which led to reckless behavior and drinking. Young Life leaders, through the Angota Sports Ministry, held a football (soccer!) game in Ojullu’s neighborhood. Joshua, one of the leaders, invited him to join in every weekend. Joshua used the time between games to get to know Ojullu more and to eventually share the gospel with him. He also invited him to a club held at the end of every game. Ojullu also began to meet new friends who cared about him.

He started listening and participating more in club. These times at the games and at club gave him peace and hope, and he decided to give his life to Jesus. Ojullu has grown in his faith, and has joined a prayer team who supports him in his new journey. He has started going to church where he plays the piano during service. He has also become one of the sports ministry’s key leaders and helps reach out to more teenagers. His family is amazed by the changes in Ojullu’s life.

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