Walking Closely-Hanna’s Story

September 2022

Wherever Hanna is, there is an atmosphere of excitement and laughter. Though she seems carefree, the truth is very different. In one on one conversation with her leader, we’ll call her Matilda for this story, could not get her to talk about the pain that Matilda knew she was masking. Hanna had little interest in talking about faith and would throw in a joke to change the subject.

Matilda invited Hanna to attend Young Life camp this summer. Matilda noticed in the cabin time that followed hearing about the cross that Hanna seemed different and invited her into a one-on-one conversation. Hanna shared that she had learned much about God during the camp and wanted a closer relationship. She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior! Hanna is now walking closely with her leader and is excited to join clubs and campaigners to grow in her faith. Hanna sees the world with renewed hope and Spirit-led joy in her heart.

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