A New Beginning

March 2023

Eunice is a volunteer in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. A teacher by profession, Eunice is married with one child. Married in her early twenties, Eunice’s marriage was not a happy one. Eunice was struggling; she was angry, difficult to be around, and smoked and drank to excess. This affected her relationship with her husband; he was ready to give up on their marriage. One evening while Eunice was teaching an evening class, she ran into a volunteer Young Life leader, Daniel Tengey, who visited campus every Friday for a club. After watching him talk to kids on campus for over a month, she engaged him, and Daniel shared with her Young Life’s mission and vision. Eunice was curious and  started to go to club every Friday and later went to a Young Life camp! She describes camp as a place of joy and wishes she could always be there. She later began going to Campaigners and learned what the Bible says about our lives and God. Life is so different now! Eunice currently runs three clubs in the Greater Accra Region and knows a hundred and fifty kids by name. Even more importantly, Eunice has a happy home, and her husband is very grateful to God and to Young Life.


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