Aberdare WyldLife Outreach Camp

April 26-April 29, 2018

This April, 330 kids, 19 of whom were orphans, came to Aberdare WyldLife Camp in Kenya, and the Lord moved in tremendous ways as kids came to know his love and grace in their lives. Of those 330 kids, a stunning 225 decided to commit their lives to Christ. Below are stories from two campers.


I thank God for having given me this opportunity to be in the camp…The camp was fabulous and colorful, with beautiful people around with big hearts.

I am an orphan and I live with my grandmother who is very elderly and she loves me. When I was here at the camp I was always praying for her to be safe because I assist her with a lot of house chores. I have never been away from home for this long and this time I have enjoyed myself to the fullest.

The preaching was so good that I felt moved and touched, I have liked the way Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me from my sins and I have decided to recommit my life to Jesus. Thank you everyone for enabling me has the best time in my life.”


“The welcoming was so wonderful and I felt special, I am disabled, I have difficulty in walking. At home most of the times I am lonely and no one shows love to me as I have experienced in this camp. I have participated in games that I have never played in my life. I am special and loved that is what I have learnt in this camp, most of the people wanted to be around me and associate with me which is very rare at home.

Jesus loves me the most and (is) the best friend I can ever have, I have promised to allow Jesus into my life and let him lead my life and help me come out of my shame and loneliness.

Thank you Young Life for giving me a new look in my life and above all helping me improve on my self-esteem.”

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