Accepted, Chosen and Forgiven | Beth’s Story-Kenya

Mary thanks God for bringing Hellen into her life. Hellen is a friend, a leader, and a go-to person for Mary whenever she feels overwhelmed. When Mary joined Young Life, she was careless and had no one to guide her in life. She did not listen to her parents. She wanted nothing to do with God or prayers, and the church was a boring place worth sleeping through. After meeting Hellen, she realized who she was in Christ. Hellen shared with her that He died on the cross for her sins.

Now Mary can proudly say that she is accepted, chosen, and forgiven. Jesus Christ has given her a chance to testify about His great wonders and plans that He has for her. Her parents love the person she is becoming, and they encourage her to engage more with Young Life. Mary thanks God for the blessing of Hellen and for Young Life.

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