His boundless love-Brenda’s Story-Kenya

Brenda’s journey with Young Life began in 2023 when she reluctantly attended her first high school camp. Despite numerous invitations from friends and hearing about Young Life in school, she initially showed little interest. Her decision to go to camp was driven more by a desire to escape home than by genuine curiosity.

Known for her rude behavior at school and home, Brenda’s outlook on life took an unexpected turn at the Young Life camp. Brenda witnessed the leaders’ genuine love for teenagers and it left a lasting impression on her. During club sessions, the speaker seamlessly connected real-life situations with Bible scriptures, and it moved her.

On the camp’s final day, as she reflected on the teachings about Jesus and His boundless love, Brenda felt a newfound closeness to Him. When the speaker invited students to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, Brenda did not hesitate. She wholeheartedly said yes, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her spiritual journey.

Since that transformative weekend, Brenda has continued to grow in her faith alongside her leaders. Now she is known at her school as a Young Life ambassador as she actively invites her classmates to learn the transformative power of knowing Jesus too.

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