Kenya High School Camp 2

April 20-23, 2017

Can you imagine over 500 high school kids in one place – playing games, eating food, singing and dancing together? That’s what happened at this Young Life camp in Kenya, which brought together 103 Muslim students, three kids with disabilities and 45 orphans. All types of students – each one with their own individual story – heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, and many lives were changed for eternity. A total of 395 students committed their lives to Christ, including 65 kids from Muslim families. Below are two stories directly from John and Mercy, students who attended this camp and experienced the power of Christ firsthand.

“I am humbly thanking my leader for bringing me to this camp and the entire Young Life family for making this camp super. I live with my father, who separated from my mother, is an alcoholic and brews local illicit brew for sale. I have been assisting him with the business and every time I am the one selling the brew. I have been arrested a couple of times and even been in court for this. This has been so hard for me, especially to balance school and my father’s business. I wanted to quit school and get involved with my father’s business fully, and make my own money. While I was chatting with my leader at this camp he spoke of hope a lot and made me hopeful. My idea of quitting high school was because I had become hopeless with education because of my poor performances – I had no time to study when at home and no motivation from my father. I have decided to follow Jesus Christ, but I am confused on what to do about my father’s business because he has been paying my fees from his proceeds. Please pray for me to keep my faith as I face what is ahead of me and also help me to pray for my father to change from this lifestyle and reunite our family.”

– John


I even do not have words to express my feelings about this camp. My best moment was when I was invited to play a game in the club and that was a blast for me. I felt so scared but it was awesome; the cheers and shouts from everyone kept me going in the whole time. Before I came for this camp I had a rough time with my mother, she had made me break my relationship with my boyfriend because she did not like him. This made me hate my mother because I felt she was interfering with my life. We have not been on good terms and I have not been respectful to her for some time now. I have learned of inner healing through forgiveness, and I have decided to go and apologize to my mother because my Young Life leader has enabled me to understand that my mother has no bad intentions for me. She loves me and I have forgiven her because I have invited Jesus into my life and now walk with Him.”

– Mercy

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