Kenya High School Camp

April 9-12, 2017

This camp in Kakamega, Kenya was a crazy and hilarious one, with almost 400 high school students present. Young Life Kenya was trying out some new field games, and kids absolutely loved them. Samuel Gitau, the Country Logistics Coordinator, described the camp like this: “it was a joy to see bright faces in the club, dining room and field, and it was a blast!”

Habib is a high school student who came to camp for the first time this April. He says camp was “the best time in my life.” He comes from a rural village and a hard family situation that leaves him feeling unwanted and unknown. Welcomed to camp with songs and crazy dancing by 38 work-crew members, Habib was almost frightened – he had never seen love or care or even fun like this before. Because of his family situation, Habib said being at camp was a time to “experience peace and love, but it was also stressful in a way because I was going back home after the camp.” His leader assured him that he would walk with Habib every step of the way. During the club talk, Habib heard of Jesus’ love and His dying on the cross for our sins. In this moment, Habib said “I have decided to follow Jesus Christ, and pray for my family to experience Jesus and love Him as I do. I will be praying for my father to love us as his children and family. God bless my family, my leader and all Young Life family.”

Shani is one of 137 girls who came to this camp, and describes her experience as “amazing and extraordinary. I made new friends and had so much fun.” Shani comes from a single parent home, and has struggled through high school. She has been arrested multiple times for using drugs and expelled from two high schools. Shani says “my mother is always in tears because of me.” But after sharing her story with her leader and hearing the gospel message in club, Shani knows “this camp has challenged me to change my lifestyle and to invite Jesus into my life. Since the first club I felt I was spoken to by the Holy Spirit.” Because she attended this camp, Shani’s life has been changed for eternity: “I made one decision…that is to leave everything and follow Jesus Christ no matter what.”

Shani asks for our prayers. Join us in praying for her, Habib and 326 new believers as they learn to live their lives for Christ.

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