Sports Camp in Kenya


“This was my first time to be out with different people from my community, Maasai Community, and it has been a good time. I have spent most of my time grazing my father’s cattle; I do not go to school because my father has not seen the value of education. Despite the good time I have had it was very difficult for me to communicate with other people and I have felt really bad. My leader has helped me understand what was going on in this camp and more so the club session.

The message of Jesus was well spoken and I felt left behind to experience his love. I have a testimony to share with my father about this man called Jesus and I hope he will take me to school so that I can get to know more about him. I would like to thank my leader for taking me to camp and helping me to have a good time.”


“I have hated my parents, my grandmother and even my elder sisters and brothers, we have not met with my parents for 2 years and I planned not to ever see them again. In this camp I have learnt to forgive and giving one’s life to Jesus. I feel now easy and ready to forgive everyone in my family and I have given my life to Jesus. Thank you Jesus for opening my inner eyes.”

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