Western South Camp

April 18-21, 2018

Young Life camp is a place where relationships are formed for a lifetime. A place where kids from all different neighborhoods, families and walks of life gather in one place to play and experience Christ’s love in community with one another. This April, 210 kids arrived at camp eager to play silly games, laugh and hear the gospel message. Here are a few stories from kids that left camp with life-changing experiences.


“May the Lord bless everyone abundantly; the camp was nice and so interesting. I enjoyed the games that I took part in since the first day at camp and I thank God for that.

Secondly, I am so glad because of the word of God and the teachings and the questions we shared in our group. Personally, this has changed me and has helped me to look back on how I have been living my life. In my life, I did not have Jesus and I led a reckless life, I shared this with my leader and the best thing that happened to me was my leader prayed for me in the field. After praying, I let Jesus in my life and allowed Him to be in charge. This is the greatest achievement I have achieved thus far in my life.

I do hope in Jesus’ name we will be together in the next camp.

Thank you and God bless you!”


“When I got in at the camp I found it was a wonderful place! It was my first time to be in this part of the country and region and it looked good and this made me thank my leader as I appreciated God’s creation.

The welcoming was so good and memorable. Everything was so good; the games, the meals, the club and also the time in our small groups. The most exciting moment was during the message time in the club, it made me reflect more on my family back at home and I had new hope for them. My family has had many cases of sicknesses and this has always made us hopeless and made us feel like it is a curse.

I have learned to be prayerful and always involving and inviting Jesus in our family which I will be doing on a daily basis. I am really grateful to my leader for having me in this camp and helping me find new hope in Jesus, thank you for your mercy and God bless you.”

These testimonies represent those of the 209 other campers that committed their lives to Christ at this camp! We are praising God for the continued work he is doing not only in camps such as this, but also in the daily relationships formed between leaders and kids. We ask you to join us in praying for these two campers as well as the other new believers as they navigate this new life of faith

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