A Loving Family-Austin’s Story

Austin, age 16, lives outside of Monrovia, Liberia. In his previous life, Austin had been disowned by his parents because of his increasingly disrespectful behavior, leading Austin to be initiated into a gang and later became addicted to smoking marijuana. During this time, Austin met his Young Life leader, Morris. Morris built a relationship with Austin and his friends and invited them to club and camp. At camp, Austin was moved by the message given by the camp speaker; she illustrated how sin separated us from God, and how Jesus was the sacrificial lamb who reconnects us to the Father. During a silent time after the talk, Austin reflected on his life and how Jesus died on the cross for him. His eyes were full of tears as he walked up to say yes to Jesus for the first time.

Austin has later said of his experience: “I have never seen such a loving family that will accept people regardless of their worst behavior. Since I came here, I have been treated like a son of a King. I want you to pray for me, that as I go back, God will touch the hearts of my parents to forgive me and restore the relationship we once had and I also want you to pray that God will strengthen me to live up to the commitment I have made to follow him and to use me for his kingdom.”

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