All Montserrado Outreach Camp # 2

April 27-29, 2018

In April, 350 kids and leaders, including 7 Muslims and 8 orphans, gathered in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. At the camp, lives were touched and eternity changed: 180 kids and 5 Muslims committed their lives to Christ.  Here are two camp stories written by Young Life Liberia’s logistics coordinator, Paul Kangar:


“Konah and his entire family is Muslim. He attends the Wein Town Public School in Bernard Farm. He is 17 years. Regardless of his religious background, Konah got to know about Young Life through Samuel (who was) doing contact work at Konah’s high school. Samuel talked to Konah many times without mentioning Young Life when he realized that Samuel was a Muslim. The first time Konah heard Jesus was spoken about was in his first ever YL club where he was invited by Samuel.

At the Montserrado Outreach Camp, (Konah) told Samuel he wants to become a Christian but his parents will send him away. This was an opportunity for his leader to promise him safety. Samuel told Konah that Christ is our heart and personal encounter.  Konah made a commitment to keep Christ in his heart. His desire is to serve the Lord and lead others to Christ. He is asking all Young Life leaders to join him in prayer for God himself to intervene in his decision and that God will give him the courage and strength to live for him.”


“David is 19 years old and a Muslim. David told his Young Life Leaders that he has been living the worst life, doing things that any bad person can do. He has never gotten the opportunity to hear about Jesus the way he heard of him at camp. He said to his leader that the camp message really impacted him and promised to live his life for Christ by accepting Him as his personal savior. During the silent night of the camp, David gave his life to Christ and promised to follow him all the days of his life.

As the Lord is leading us to break through lost kids, let pray for leaders to be filled with more energy and strength to reach out to kids and bring them to hear the gospel.


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