God’s Unending Joy-Liberia

Meet Lydia Koon, a 17-year-old who is hearing impaired and attends Blue Crest University in Liberia. She is studying Information Technology (IT) and is the only student in the school who is hard of hearing. Although Lydia is from a middle-class family that can afford to send her to any university in Liberia, the love she needs is lacking. She has a Christian background, yet she didn’t say yes to Jesus until she attended her first Young Life Camp. Lydia got involved with Young Life while visiting some of her friends at the Monrovia School for the Deaf. Her friends encouraged her to attend camp, but she didn’t think her dad would allow it. After two months of conversation between Lydia’s dad and Yvonne Morlu, regional director for western Liberia, he agreed to let her go! Lydia knew she was in the right place because she was with friends who understood her. She was able to understand the message because there was a sign language interpreter. Lydia threw herself fully into camp and she felt loved while there. During the 20 minutes of silence, she reflected on how Christ gave His life for us when He had not sinned.

Lydia said yes to Jesus and looks forward to being a part of Campaigner meetings to grow in her faith. Lydia’s parents were glad to see her smiling and happy in a way they had not seen in a long time. Her parents join her in gratitude to God and the Young Life family for putting a smile on their daughter’s face again.

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