Liberia Outreach Camp

March 2017

This weekend camp in northwest Liberia hosted 75 kids. All of these kids are considered by Liberian society to be “bobos,” as all of the kids are deaf. Liberian society views these kids as people with no value, which caused many of them to feel abandoned and angry. While at camp, 61 of the 75 kids committed their lives to Christ. For the first time, many of the kids began to recognize their individual worth and value as seen by Jesus.

Toimu was one of the kids who had struggled with feeling angry and abandoned due to the box he felt his deafness put him in. He later said, “While I was at camp my story changed because I found Christ.” He felt as though Young Life camp gave him the opportunity to be heard and understood. Praise the Lord for the ways all kids are being introduced to Jesus in Liberia through Young Life.

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