Liberia Sport Camp

March 2017

Our God is the business of reconciling. Whether it is between those with different religious upbringings, different tribes and even different high schools – God is the great Reconciler. During a soccer game at camp, two boys who had a longtime rivalry began fighting. Dorley, the boy who took the first hit, vowed never to speak to Peter again. But the camp message was strong and centered on reconciliation. When Dorley accepted Jesus, he stood up on the spot and headed right towards Peter. Right there, in front of 257 kids and leaders, the boys embraced in forgiveness. Paul, the Young Life Logistics Coordinator in Liberia, witnessed this morning and describes it like this: “It was emotional and powerful to see how the Lord restored this broken relationship.”

Over 200 kids attended this sport camp in Gbarpolu, Liberia, and the Lord used their time there to reconcile many differences. Of the 217 kids at this camp, 132 were Muslim. Gbarpolu is a region heavily populated with Muslims, so many kids who attended took a great risk in doing so. Yet 30 of them gave their lives to Christ, and accepted the great risk with a hopeful confidence. An amazing total of 87 kids accepted Christ at this camp. Join us in praying for Dorley, Peter and the rest of these new believers to be lights for their friends and family. Praise God for healing and restoring relationships, schools and different communities.

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