Liberia Sport Outreach Camp

341 teenagers gathered together for a weekend full of playing sports and hearing the good news of Jesus Christ! Below is one of the testimonies: 

Leelai is an orphan. She lost both of her parents when she was nine years old. She lives with her foster parents who took her from her home village five years ago. Unfortunately, her new home situation is not very good. Leelai said, “my foster parents don’t show me love and they are not sending me to school. My parents beat on me and treat me like a slave. I want to have an education so that I can become somebody,” Leelai concluded as she broke down in tears of sorrow. Leelai came to camp full of bitterness, hatred and pain as a result of both losing her biological parents and the poor treatment from her foster parents; however, at camp Leelai experienced Jesus’ love and forgiveness and was eternally changed.

Leelai said the messages at camp helped to heal her wounds. She recalled, “when I heard about how Jesus loves me unconditionally and forgives me I was so touched.  I hated my parents so much before coming to camp but have decided to forgive them and pray for them.

Leelai was seen smiling, singing and dancing during the camp “Say So.” Please join us in praying for Leelai as well as the the other 188 teenagers who accepted Jesus during this incredible outreach camp in Liberia. 

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