Montserrado Area Sports Camp


Dennis lost his mother and was living with other relatives. He had dropped out of school for years and had no hope of getting back to school. At Camp, Dennis realized that his life did not have to end after dropping out of school. He realized, he has a new life with Christ. He believes that knowing Jesus as a personal Savior can change any undesirable situation into a desirable one. Dennis said, ‘I saw the opportunity to follow Christ and I believe my salvation matters most.’


Salon is a Muslim kid living in an orphanage. Salon said he feels disappointed in life and when he thinks about his condition, a feeling of loneliness and the reality of the lack of parents can be overwhelming. He said it is difficult he has no one to listen to him when he has a problem. At camp, Salon saw that knowing Christ can change his situation. He had experienced Jesus at camp through his leader and other kids whose situations were similar to his. The camp message had inspired his life. He realized that even those who have parents do not have perfect lives. He appreciated being involved with Young Life during a critical time in his life.

Our prayers are that these kids remain in Christ for their life time.

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