Montserrado Soccer Camp

The first fresh weekend in December was an amazing week for kids from all over Paynesville, Johnsonville, Gardnesville and Mount Barclay/ Careyburg Areas. 357 kids and their leaders began to arrive on a ground known as a place of adventure to kids- where they make new friends, have more fun and of course, meet Jesus for the first time. Here is a place where 217 lost kids including 7 Muslim kids raised their hands and they said yes to follow Jesus.

Tamba from Mount Barclay saw Jesus in the message on creation. Alexander is 19 years and he had never heard such a great story about how his life began. He promised to follow the Lord and he said no condition will hold him back from knowing the Lord.

Abraham, who was very troublesome at camp, became quiet after the silent time. According to him, during the quiet, a man in pure white cloth spoke to him about his life and bad friends he followed. The man told him many of the bad things he had done. He said that it was Jesus he saw. Abraham said he will follow the Lord to the end of his life.

Kumba saw Jesus in the speaker and the program team and he promised to change his way and follow Jesus. Kumba has a spirit of pride and selfishness according to her. She learned from the message at camp that only Jesus can change her life for the better.

As these young people said yes to Christ, let us lift them up in prayers so that they will remain committed to their promises and share the good news of our Lord to others.

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