Never Going Back-Mohammed’s Story-Liberia

Mohammed lives in a Muslim-populated city in Liberia. As a teen, Mohammed was disrespectful to those around him while living a life addicted to harmful substances. He lived with his aunt, but she couldn’t support his behavior and sent him back to his biological mother. This was a blessing because that’s where he met Philip Cole, a Young Life leader.

Philip invited Mohammed to club after a few months of friendship. Mohammed began to open up with Philip about his life. He also began to make changes in his life for the better. He made new friends and began attending club regularly. Philip took him to camp after he noticed the changes Mohammed had made in his life. Mohammed was fully involved in every activity at camp, and described it as the best place he had ever been.

Mohammed told his leaders and friends that he never wanted to leave camp because of the love and care he received from leaders. While he was there, Mohammed made the decision to follow Jesus and never go back to his past life. His aunt noticed the changes in his life as well and invited him to come to live with her again in the city of Robertsport, where he is committed to attending church regularly and growing in his faith.

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