Lilongwe Camp in Malawi

August 8-10, 2018

The Lilongwe Camp in Kasungu, Malawi was an enormous success: 74 kids shared fun memories, played exciting games, and learned about God. More than half the camp went home having committed their lives to Christ! Here are four stories from the camp, told from the perspective of one of the Young Life leaders:


“Joy was addicted to social media and her phone. When we got to camp she was so upset that I took her phone, including other kids in my cabin, away.  I told them that for time we are together we are going to be focusing on building better relationships with each other but most of all getting to know and hear more about Jesus.

At the end of camp (Joy) came to me and said “I am so thankful you took my phone away. If I had it with me, it would have been such a huge distraction and I would have missed out on all the fun I have had, but most of all I would have missed Jesus.” She now values the interaction she had with other kids at camp. She has given her life to Christ.”


“Dorothy comes from a family that worships idols and for her and her family, Christ did not exist. She would attend church with some friends but she would need to make sure that her family does not find out about it. Her family taught her to worship other forces but when she came to camp she realized that the only person who deserves all worship and adoration is GOD. For in him she found peace, joy and permanent security, all others are beneath him. During say so club she was one of the first kids to stand and say she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and saviour.”

Lynda “I met Lynda three years ago. I invited her to club, and she would attend a few of them during the school term. I made it a point to always be in touch with her and I eventually invited her to camp but she refused. Through the many conversations I have had with her I knew she had so many questions to ask about life and God.

This year she decided to come to camp. During cabin time, she admitted to me that before coming to camp she had decided to engage in immoral behaviors because she thought this would make her cool and help her gain popularity. After hearing the message during club, she begun to search within herself and realized she was making a grave mistake. She was under bad influence of her social circle. After having a few conversations with her leader she now knows that the only place to find the best answers is the bible. The messages during club have spoken directly to her life. Lynda expressed that she wants to change and have relationship with God. She prays that Jesus should help her make the right choices and help her understand the bible.”

We are rejoicing at these stories and the 47 campers who have decided to live their lives for Christ!

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