Malawi Outreach Camp

July 29-31, 2017

Over 250 kids from Lilongwe attended this outreach camp in Malawi. Hearts were changed and lives were transformed. Here are three of their stories.

Mark is 23 years old and is in his last year of high school. His parents divorced when he was young, and he never really knew his father. His mother has always encouraged him to be religious and attend church, but he never fully understood the gravity of sin until this camp. He has acknowledged that sin is a struggle in each and every person’s life and that there is nothing he can do to save himself from, it except through accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. He has been encouraged to draw closer to God through a prayerful life.

Steven 18-years-old and comes from a Muslim faith. He has been interested in the Christian faith ever since Harry, his Young life leader, started ministry in his neighborhood. He has never had the opportunity to fully hear the Gospel until coming to camp. On the last day of camp he asked his leader if his sister could come to next year’s summer camp because he is saddened that she is lost and needs to know the truth just as he has. During the club “say-so” he was one of the first kids to stand and publicly testify that he has given his life to Christ. He also asked that he be taught how to pray and read the Bible.

Patrick has always had a problem with submitting to authority in his life. However he has been convicted of his pride and stubbornness, and has realized that only God can change this sort of attitude and behavior. He has given his life to Christ and will minister to his friends when he gets back home as they have had a huge impact on his behavior. Patrick hopes they too will be able to see a change in him and be inspired by this change that they too can be freed in Jesus Name.

Alex started attending clubs in Lilongwe last year but was never really a regular attendant until March of 2017. He has grown up in a Christian home and gave his life to Christ last year but never had anyone to walk with him in his life. He lacked direction and gradually found himself “slipping.”He was encouraged when Zein the camp speaker shared from Luke 15 (the Prodigal Son) his hope was renewed that he may once again be restored to God and he can have a more solid relationship with God because he now has his leader walking beside him offering counsel and prayer when he needs it, or is struggling spiritually.

Eighty-five kids gave their lives to Christ at this camp. They too no longer feel alone, for they have found true life, true purpose, true love. Join us in praying for their new lives in Christ, as they learn to trust Him and seek Him in all they do.

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