Malawi Outreach Camp

August 5-7, 2017

Over 130 kids attended Young Life camp early this August. Seventeen leaders came with them, and 50 kids and leaders from other areas volunteered to serve as the “work crew” for this camp. Every single person there displayed the love of Christ as they cared for these kids to make this week at camp the best week of their life. Here are three stories of kids whose lives were transformed by the gospel at this camp.

Vincent comes from a very strict Muslim family, and his family was very hesitant in allowing him to go to camp. Vincent’s Young Life leader asked to meet with his parents on multiple occasions, yet they refused. The leader prayed and asked others to join him. Finally, his leader was able to meet with his parents and they agreed to send him to camp. At camp, Vincent accepted Christ! He is now a changed person.

Melina is a girl with a “longing for a peace in her heart.” She lives with her grandmother and her uncle, who are very strict and don’t let Melina do many things outside of the home. Praise God, because Melina was allowed to attend camp and here she realized “there is nothing stopping her from giving her life to Christ,” her leader described.

John comes from a devoted Muslim family, and never believed that God could forgive his sins. But at Young Life camp, he experienced true love and kindness from the work crew and the leaders, regardless of his sins. He finally realized that there was no purpose to his faith in a religion that cannot redeem him from sin and reconcile him to God.

A total of 128 kids accepted Christ at this camp – that’s almost 100% of campers! We are praising God for His continued work in Young Life Malawi and ask you to join us in praying for Vincent, Melina, John and the rest of these new believers.

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