Sarah Adams Memorial Camp

August 1-3, 2017

The Lord used this camp to transform lives and call kids to Himself. Over 200 kids were in attendance, and experienced the love of Jesus through their 27 selfless leaders and 37 work-crew volunteers. Here are three of their stories.

Peter was raised in a family that believes in traditional magic, and has never really experienced Christianity. He started smoking as a young teenager, which led to drinking and sexual immorality. Peter knew he was lost and looking for life in all the wrong things, yet felt stuck in his sin. It wasn’t until this Young Life camp that He truly felt convicted to let go of his sin and give his life to the Lord. “I’m actually having fun talking to God, and finding more pleasure in that than from drinking and smoking,” Peter said about his experience at camp. “God has a bigger purpose for me in life.”

Hope is 15-years-old and recently started following Christ. While she met Christ through Young Life and has started studying His word with her leader, she still felt like she never really understood His love. During the message at this camp, Hope was moved by the gospel, and gave her whole life to following Jesus.

Tamara is a high school student who knew about Young Life but didn’t really have any interest in attending until she met her leader Kylie, who convinced her to go to camp. She felt bitter towards God because her father had abandon her and her mom before Tamara was even born. She prayed and prayed to God for Him to bring her father home, but he never returned. “I eventually lost my trust in God,” Tamara said. “But my experience (at Young Life camp) has been life-changing. Young Life has made me understand God’s plan in a whole different way…I was missing the ‘faith’ piece. Even though my earthly father won’t accept me, I know my heavenly Father will.” Tamara dedicated her life to Christ at camp, and dreams of becoming a Young Life leader one day.

Thanks to the generosity of Sarah Adams’ family and friends (Sarah was a Young Life staff person who was tragically killed in an automobile accident along with two other Malawi Young Life staff Lusayo Mhango and Wanangwa Sanga), each camper at the Sarah Adams Memorial Camp received his or her own Bible to start their journey with Jesus.


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