A Full Life Prepared For Her-Lolinda’s Story

May 2022

Lolinda is a young girl who grew up in a family where her father had two wives and therefore, two families. Lolinda always knew that nothing belonged to her, and what little she had would always be divided amongst the seven siblings. Life was always hard for her, especially because she never had the presence and love of Jesus. For several years she had heard about the gospel and participated in Young Life, but she was never able to accept the idea that God could be the Father she always wanted.

At a Young Life Bible study, she received a New Testament Bible and she began to read it daily. One day, her heart was miraculously convinced of salvation by Gods grace! She understood that her earthly father’s vision prevented her from seeing the great Father from heaven who had a full life prepared for her. At that moment, she decided to give her life to Jesus and start walking in true faith. Even today, Lolinda suffers from deep wounds in her life. But the most important thing is that she is allowing God to help her overcome these challenges. Pray that Lolinda will remain steadfast in the Lord, overcome her fears, and that her desire to serve the Lord can be completed as she shares the gospel with her friends.

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