Selingue Outreach Camp

God moves mightily through Young Life, calling lost souls and redeeming brokenness, and outreach camp is often an important pivotal point for kids. Selingue Outreach Camp is a great example of the life-changing gospel at work: of the 198 kids who camp to the camp, 178 of which were Muslims, 102 kids (all of which were Muslim) accepted Christ. Here are two stories from the camp:


“My name is Moussa. I’m from Selingue. I’m fourteen. I came to the camp of Young Life several times. This time the teaching was about the Power; they told us Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life for eternity. I believe in Him; He will be my savior and my friend, but pray for me as my parents are Muslim. I always want to be with Young Life.”


“Hello I am Oumar from Selingue. I am 15 old years. It’s about three times that I’ve come to the camp of Young Life. I’ve heard about Jesus since a long time but I didn’t understand who he was; now I know that he is the man of the way, the truth, and the life to the God; I accept him to be my friend and my savior in my life forever. I thank every leader in Selingue. I didn’t know that there is a man who loves me more but now I thank God.”

God flexed His saving power at this camp, and we rejoice that the vast majority of the kids went home knowing Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. However, life will surely not be simple as these 102 kids return to Muslim homes. Let’s pray for these new believers and their lives back at home, that they would have the strength in Christ to continue following God even amidst hardship.

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