Aurora’s Life of Adventure-Mozambique

October 2022

Aurora grew up in Mozambique with her grandparents and extended family. At age 13, she moved back home to the city to live with her mother, five siblings, and cousins. This made life at home challenging for Aurora, which resulted in her struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem. When Aurora was first introduced to Young Life in 2022 through her leader Vénio, she loved it so much that she quickly became the most consistent kid to attend club! According to Aurora, Young Life club made her feel like she was with a new family that loved and accepted her. When her leader reached out to her to invite Aurora to the August Outreach Camp, she was filled with great joy. The environment at camp made her feel even more loved. In her words: “It was really amazing to meet Jesus and to learn how to pray. I have been praying almost all the time!”. Aurora decided to give her life to Jesus Christ, and after camp, she started going to a weekly Bible study with her leader so she could grow closer to Jesus. Aurora is excited about a life of adventure with Jesus, and the future no longer scares her as she dreams of becoming a lawyer.

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