Lichinga Outreach Camp

This Young Life camp was particularly special for Mozambique, as it was the first camp in the Northern and rural part of the country. Lichinga is the poorest province of Mozambique and culturally, it is very traditional. There is a strong mix of Islam and traditional beliefs. Even with these cultural obstacles, the camp was a great success. The camp comprised of 9 orphans, 10 Muslims, and 30 total campers. Unfortunately, many other kids were supposed to come but were forbidden at the last minute by their parents from attending. Even so, of the campers present, 22 kids decided to commit their lives to Christ! This is a significant percentage, and the leaders are rejoicing at so may lives changed.

Victorino, a Young Life Lichanga leader, reported back that many of the campers described camp as the best weekend of their lives. This greatly impacted Victorino; although the camp had many setbacks such as a lack of structure, no band or musicians, and no sound system, it was still undeniably clear how Jesus worked through the camp to change these kids’ lives.

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