Nigeria Outreach Camp

This was the first outreach camp in Nigeria this summer, and over 200 kids attended. This included 121 girls, and 35 Muslims. Christina is one of the campers who experienced the love and joy of Christ at this camp. Her parents spend all day at work (from 6am-midnight), so Christina is often all alone. Her boredom and loneliness led to befriend the wrong crowd; she lied and stole constantly. One day while she was hanging out in her street, she met her Young Life leader Blessing. At the beginning of their informal meetings, Christina thought Blessing was kind of bothering her.

“Jesus is my friend.”
– Christina, camper

But as Blessing continued talking and meeting with Christina, a beautiful friendship developed. Christina started attending Young Life club, and fell in love with the people she met there. They were way more fun and full of life than those she hung out with in the street. After learning about Jesus in club, Christina asked Blessing lots of questions about Jesus. At camp, she gave her life to Christ. “Through her (Blessing) and Young Life, I have come to know Jesus and abandoned my bad friends. Jesus is my friend. Young Life is my friend.”

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