Unconditional Love | Divine’s Story-Nigeria

April 2023

Amid the economic hardship in Nigeria and many parts of the world, Divine Daniels devotes her time to serving voluntarily through Young Life. She is 19 years old and lives with her parents in one of the poorest communities in Nigeria. Divine’s parents struggled to financially support her through high school. To lessen her parents’ financial burdens, she started to do odd jobs to pay her fees. Because of life’s challenges, Divine started to steal and was looked down on by her peers and community.

Though Divine was raised Christian, it was not until a Young Life camp that she found her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Divine’s encounter with her leader, Evangeline, in 2017 was a complete turnaround in her life. Evangeline showed Divine unconditional love, like Jesus. This friendship eventually led Divine through the doors of Young Life clubs and Campaigners groups. In 2018, Divine attended her first camp where she started her relationship with the Lord.

Nowadays, you can find Divine working at a production company and leading two different Young Life clubs in Nigeria while inspiring younger girls in her community! Divine’s parents and community who knew her before are so happy for what God has done in her life.


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