New Leaders Training

This February, 134 students from several different clubs, especially those in rural areas, gathered together in the southern Rwandan city of Muhanga. They learned about the mission behind club and Campaigners, how to do contact work, and the code of conduct for being a Young Life leader.

It was by no means a simple task, however, for these students to come together. One of the staff members, Habimana, shared some of the process to make the training happen:

“We took the initiative to pray and raise funds for the new leaders training… by the grace of God we organized it and decided to split it into two parts to be able to reach the targeted number of new leaders we had. Due to financial issues we reached kids where they were to avoid a lot of transport expenses. We thank God that we have been able to make it and now our new leaders are on a good shape.”

Habimana and his team were faithful to work through financial difficulties in order to make this training a reality. Because of their hard work to bring leaders together, 134 students are now entering back into their communities with gained knowledge of how to lead well and press others on towards Christ.

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