Rwanda Kigali Camp

Summer 2016

Linda is the first born in a family of five. She lives with her mother because her father left for another woman. For a long time, she believed that going to church and praying was just for adults and she decided to focus her life on becoming a fashion model. She believed that she was very beautiful and could be very successful in the industry. In her eyes, this was the most important thing to her.

She joined as many clubs and groups she could find to propel her into her future modeling career, throwing away a traditional education to train specifically for her dream of modeling. Her mother insisted she stay in the normal schooling program, especially since they were an exceptionally poor family. How could Linda truly succeed in making enough money to support her siblings and mother? This attitude felt stifling to Linda. She felt as if she was being held back from pursuing her true passion.

Around this time, a Young Life leader, Pacifique, invited her to Young Life club. She began to slowly form a relationship with Linda and eventually took her to camp. When the time came to make a decision for Christ, Linda wasn’t interested. Pacifique continued to pursue a relationship with Linda and it wasn’t long after camp that Linda became pregnant and it wrecked her world.

Linda slumped into a deep depression where she felt useless. She rejected herself, all of her passions and future goals and life suddenly was very bitter to her. She felt like no one cared, no one would have mercy on her. Her parents both rejected her upon hearing the news that she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Pacifique continued to pursue Linda. She relentlessly lavished her with the love of the Lord as she prayed with her, met with her and encouraged her. Pacifique assured Linda that she still had a chance, that she isn’t worthless. Linda was then invited to another camp, and this time, the truth really sunk in for her. No matter what she had done or what she will do, the Lord’s love for her is steadfast and powerful. Her life was turned upside down with the realization of this simple truth of the gospel. Now Linda hopes to serve with YoungLives in Rwanda where she can pursue teen moms just like herself, hoping to lead them to the truth of Jesus and His grace that covers all.

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