Rwanda Soccer Camp

November 20-22 & 23-25, 2016

Playing soccer every day is a common dream amongst kids in Rwanda. Young Life Rwanda was able to make this dream come true in November by holding two soccer camps where kids could play soccer, hang out with friends and hear the gospel message.

The first camp held over 350 kids, mostly from rural areas. Dan, the camp speaker, shared a message not only about soccer but also of the love story of Jesus Christ. Gael came to this camp because “soccer is my life…I would sacrifice all that I have to be a great football player.” After hearing the gospel, Gael’s perspective on soccer completely changed. “After learning about Jesus and the role He plays in our daily life, I think football without Christ is incomplete, and I have decided to give my life to Jesus so that I can be a complete football player.” Gael now prays for the rest of his soccer team and continues striving towards Christ through his football playing.

Carene is a high school girl who loves to play soccer with the boys, and so attended this camp in order to play more soccer. “At first, I never really understood how football and the word of God might come together…but during this soccer camp I had enough time to reflect on what we learn and decided to be born again,” Carene said about her time at camp. Now, she looks forward to the day she “meets Jesus face to face in heaven to tell him how much I adore him.”

During this first soccer camp, more than 200 said yes to Jesus Christ for the first time!

Many kids attended the second soccer camp, including many Muslim kids. All kids were so excited for the competition and the fun, but the Young Life staff knew that the true victory would be found in kids meeting Jesus. Aimable is a 19-year- old Muslim boy who loves football. He attended Young Life club for about a year before camp, but never really understood the lessons at the end. When he heard about the soccer camp, he decided to come so that he could be the best soccer player at camp. “But I got something much bigger than just a trophy, because I won back my life…I am saved and I take Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior” Aimable said at the end of camp. He continues to learn about Jesus and says he wants to tell more Muslims about the truth in the Bible.

Anne isn’t much of a soccer player, but she decided to come to soccer camp in order to cheer on the boys and watch the games. She started going to Young Life because she met local leaders who were watching the games too, and wanted to attend club to meet more soccer players. She noticed when her girlfriends who attended Young Life came home changed, and wanted to know what she was missing out on. At camp, she gave her life to Jesus Christ for the first time!

More than 150 kids gave their lives to Jesus at soccer camp, including 22 Muslim kids. There was a huge celebration at the end of these two camps to celebrate so many new lives in Christ! We continue to praise God for the incredible ways He is working in Rwanda through Young Life, soccer and His people.

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