Soccer Camp

Young Life Rwanda’s first ever soccer camp brought together more than 450 campers and was a great success. These kids got the chance to make new friends, to hear the word of God, and to be in a different environment for a few days. The camp enabled kids to have quality time with their leaders, as well as the space to discuss issues concerning their lives and relationships with God. At the end of the camp, 305 kids, 32 of which were Muslims, committed their lives to Christ! Here is a story from a camper:


“I met a Young Life leader 4 months ago when he came at our school for practice. Though he is not that good at soccer, he tries his best. At camp, one of the things he helped us with was resolving our matters well. I want to thank my leader: because of his support, we were able to win the trophy. He taught us to play as a team, love each other and play a fair game, and to love our opponents with a mind to win them. Personally this helps me to love one of my teammates. Before camp, I didn’t love him well; I was so selfish and jealous. From now onwards, I know God is going to help me to be a very nice guy since I have given my life to Jesus. I’m very happy for the trophy we won because I was not sure if we could win since our team was from outside Kigali. We thought the kids from Kigali are better than us but we now believe in ourselves. I also thank God for the person who shared with us the word of God- it was relevant to daily life which helped my friends give their lives to Jesus. God bless our coach, and all the people who paid for us to be able attend the camp.”

This soccer camp was a fantastic experience for all who came, and we are excited for the 305 kids who gave their lives to Christ and are ready to start coming to campaigners groups! Please keep these kids in your prayers.

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