An Ambassador for Christ-Senegal

Ricardo is a teenager from Senegal who never believed in Jesus, despite having many Christian friends. He was very disrespectful and annoyed others; he lived with no remorse until he met a Young Life volunteer who introduced him to Young Life. Even after hearing the good news about Jesus, Ricardo still held to his disbelief.

While studying for a big exam, Ricardo went with some of his Muslim friends to visit the local marabout — a Muslim religious teacher. Despite this, he still failed the test. Ricardo had no other option but to retake the exam.

During his second time, he decided to commit it to Jesus, and he passed it successfully. After that, Ricardo saw many reasons to believe in Jesus. He started to attend Campaigners meetings regularly and learned more about Christ. Ricardo accepted Jesus into his life at a Campaigners meeting. His goal is to encourage his friends and relatives to also follow Jesus and to be an ambassador of Christ within his community and family.

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