Outreach Camp

Young Life camp is a wonderful place where kids get to play fun games, make new friendships, and experience and learn about the life-altering love of God. 160 kids gathered for an outreach camp in Centre de Cap Skring, Senegal. After 2 great days of camp, more than half the camp decided to commit their lives to Christ! Here are four stories from the camp:


“I had a lot of fun in this camp. I accept the Lord Jesus in my life and I decide to follow him all my life.”


“I found the camp really wonderful. Young Life is a very good thing because I know Christ here and I decide to follow him. With that, I would like you to pray for me to become attached to him and succeed in my studies. Thank you.”


“Before coming to camp I lived like everyone else but I was doing good. But here at the camp I learned a lot with the leaders not only about the words of the messengers but also about the behavior of the leaders. I accept the Lord Jesus as my lord of my life and I decide to walk with him.”


“I had a really good camp and the leaders have no problem with us teenagers. I derive from this camp a dedication to do good because I learned a lot of goodness. I accept the Lord Jesus in my life and I decide now to walk with him.”

Please pray for Insa, Namina, Linda, Flore, and the other 63 campers who have given their lives over to Christ. Praise God for how He has moved at this camp!

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