Sports Camp, Senegal

It is amazing what God is able to accomplish in just two days: at the camp, 88 of 125 kids committed their lives to Christ. All 46 Muslims who attended the camp ended up accepting Jesus as their savior. Here are a few testimonials from the weekend:


“I live with my parents, I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters. This is the first time I have attended a Young Life camp. I took pleasure in insulting my friends and not going to church often because my parents did not force me to go there. Through Young Life, I learned to listen to the word of God and now I agree to follow Jesus.”


“I live with my parents, I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters. This is my second camp. Before coming to Young Life, I was stealing, I was lying too much. The messages really touched me and from now on I give up all this and I will be a role model in my family. I accept to take Jesus as a model of life.”


“I live with my dad, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am Muslim, Before coming to Young Life, I was not dealing with people. My life was based on myself. I smoked cigarettes, I was insolent. Today I realized that this was not a life, and from today I decided to change and take Jesus as a source of life.”


“I live with my mom and I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. Before I hit the little ones a lot, I did not respect people and I did everything I wanted in my life and anywhere. Today the messages of the word of God made me change the way of seeing life. Thanks to that I accepted to take Jesus as a model.”

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