Trusting God in Difficult Times-Emile’s Story

September 2022

Emile Sagna is from Dakar, Senegal, and is visually impaired. Before coming to Young Life, he was the youth leader in his church and another Christian organization. But when he was contacted by the late Joseph and saw how Young Life pointed kids to Jesus and helps them grow in their faith, he left the organization to focus on Young Life. When he came to Hands-On-Training (HOT) in Liberia, he was asked to do ministry in the South. During that time, he started to lose sight.

In spite of his visual disability, he has opened up three clubs in Southern Dakar with the help of his team leaders. They are hoping to open two more next ministry year. They are touching the lives of kids. Many times he forgets that he is blind and wants to do some extra things. He has gotten joy from the kids he works with. They made a song for him and sing it when he is around. He is trusting in God for a miracle one day. “No matter the situation, look up to God and He will see you through.”



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