Freetown East Campaigners Camp

This April, 200 kids, including 3 orphans and 5 teen moms, came to Freetown East Campaigners Club to receive encouragement and renewal. Freetown is the capital and largest city in Sierra Leone, and Sierra Leone itself is a majority Muslim country, currently in a time of difficulty. The country is recovering from a terrible Ebola outbreak, a deadly mudslide, a civil war that resulted in the death of thousands, and political changes. In the midst of these hardships, God is nonetheless persistently on the move, capturing the hearts of those with ears to hear. Campaigners Camp is an impactful opportunity for kids who already know Christ to step away from the difficulties and rhythms of their everyday lives, and to spend concentrated time in Christian community, hearing the powerful messages of God’s love and goodness. Here is a peek into the camp, as recorded by Sahr, a Sierra Leone Young Life staff member:

“This campaigners camp, though challenging at this crucial time in Sierra Leone… was very much amazing and God’s presence was really felt. The kids thank God through Young Life for enriching them with the word of God. One of the kids, Emmanuel, said he thanks God for knowing the word of God at this time and that he will never go back to where he was and will go out and help to change his friends that are still on the streets. So many other kids appreciate this campaigners and thank God for Young Life in Sierra Leone. Praise be to God.”

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