Makeni Campaigner Camp

In May, 184 campers and leaders, including 7 orphans and 3 teen moms, gathered together for Makeni Campaigners Camp. This camp is a great place for kids who already know Christ to grow deeper in their knowledge and devotion to Him. Here is a story from the camp:


Vince is from a Muslim home. Last year, he went to Young Life Outreach Camp and here accepted Christ. As he returned home, this conversion did not sit well with his parents and he was nearly thrown out of his house. However, an elderly woman of God intervened and helped settle the issue between him and his parents. His parents then gave him permission to practice what he believes in. Vince said that he will follow Jesus Christ til death.

In the words of Zimbabwean staff member Sahr, “It was a wonderful meeting with leaders and kids from different clubs. It was really remarkable as kids appreciate the teachings of the word of God. To them, they said this will bring a change in their lives and help them to grow spiritually positively.”

We are thankful for this opportunity for kids to come back to camp again and delve deeper into their faith!

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