Sierra Leone Outreach Camp

April 21-23, 2017

A total of 220 high school students from the Waterloo area of Sierra Leone attended this Young Life camp. This group was made up of 108 Muslim students, two Capernaum students, six orphans and three teen moms. With the help of 25 leaders and 15 work crew volunteers, students of all kinds experienced the love and joy of Christ. The message of sin and redemption was convicting to many, especially Muslim student Amadu. During the “sin talk,” Amadu stood up to confess his sin and share his story.

“After the message of sin was given, he stood up and…accepted Jesus.”
– Sahr, Young Life leader

He described that his parents were disengaged from his life, and didn’t really care what he did. Because of this, Amadu found himself living a life of full of drugs and theft. Yet at Young Life camp, Amadu experienced the chance at a new type of life – a life turned away from his sin and towards Christ. A total of 127 students joined Amadu and dedicated their lives to Christ at this camp – including 70 of his Muslim peers. Join us in praying for these new believers, especially those who will be persecuted on behalf of their new faith.

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