Sierra Leone Outreach Camp

April 25-27,2017

All month long, Young Life in Sierra Leone has been busy hosting outreach camps for high school students all across the Freetown area. This camp came at the end of the month, and hosted 180 kids total. This number included 75 Muslim students, one Capernaum student, two orphans and two teen moms. Amidst this diverse group was Abubakarr, a 20 year old Muslim student whose father had passed away some time ago. Because of this, he spent much of his youth rebelling. Abubakarr was introduced to Young Life through his high school, and started going to club for something to do.

“This camp, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and promised (to) turn away from all the bad things he used to do.”

Then at camp, he boldly stood up and declared Christ as his Lord and Savior, and promised to turn away from “all the bad things he used to do.” Thanks be to Jesus for Abubakarr’s life-changing transformation, as well as the 45 other Muslim students who stood up for Christ at this camp. Pray for them and for the 112 total commitments made in Sierra Leone at this outreach camp alone. We are praising God for all He is doing here, and ask for your continued prayers as these students learn to live lives following Him!

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