Sierra Leone Outreach Camp

April 28-30, 2017

Located in the western area of Sierra Leone lies Freetown, its capital and largest city. Young Life is very active is this city, and late this April brought a total of 315 kids to camp! This great number included 115 girls and over 160 Muslim kids. Served by 31 leaders and a 29-member work crew, campers experienced the love and joy of Christ in every interaction. Marai is a 21-year-old high school student who comes from a Muslim family, yet experienced the love of Christ through Young Life at this camp.

“At camp, Marai accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal savior.”

Matilda, a leader doing contact work in her area, first invited her to Young Life. At camp, Marai accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal savior. Marai is just one of the 57 young Muslim women who began a relationship with Christ at this camp, and is furthermore just one of the 237 total commitments to Christ! We are thanking the Lord for His continued good work in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Please pray for Marai and the rest of our new brothers and sisters in Christ as they continue to learn what it looks like to live a life pursuing Jesus!

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