Waterloo Campaigners Camp

Over the past several years, Sierra Leone has faced difficulties everywhere from political shifts, to Ebola outbreaks, to deadly mudslides. Even through these trials, however, God has been moving powerfully throughout this country and drawing people towards Himself. This April, 152 kids, including 6 teen moms and 2 orphans, were able to attend a Young Life Campaigners Camp. Here, they received encouragement to continue living for Christ, even in a majority Muslim culture and amidst a country facing adversity. Here is a glimpse of the camp, from a Sierra Leone staff member named Sahr:

“Waterloo Campaigners Camp…impacted so many kids, Sawie gave her life to Christ in 2017 at the Outreach Camp in Lunsar, but her parents never wanted her to be a Christian. Even when she was coming (to) this camp, she never told her parents. She has to put on a hijab before leaving the house and then she enters the bus she removes the hijab. After all, she said she will continue to serve Jesus.

Marie is another girl who came from a fanatic Muslim home but gave her life in 2017 in the outreach camp at Lunsar. She is now an active member in the New Apostolic Church in Waterloo. Praise be to God.”

These are just two of many testimonies of kids in Sierra Leone who have been transformed by the love of Jesus and continue to follow Him even as it is counter-cultural and challenging. Please pray that God would continue to work through Young Life Africa, captivating hearts of the lost and hurting, and also for kids like Sawie and Marie who are facing the daily challenge living out a different faith than that of their parents.

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